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Symphonic BM CAEDEOUS Revealed Release Date of Album “Malum Supplicium”; Watch the Studio Report!

The international symphonic black metal band CAEDEOUS has announced the first details about the new album. The follow-up of “Obscurus Perpetua” is called “Malum Supplicium” and it will be released on the 20th of February 2023.

The album will feature 1 intro plus 8 singed/instrumental track for a total of 9 tracks. The first singles and videos will be arriving on November, December, and January 2023 produced, coreographed, and shooted by Helena Thomson.

The recording session of all instruments, orchestra and vocals has been completed, and the stems are now in the hands of Rich Gray (Annihilator, Aeon Zen) for mixing and mastering at Gray Matter Audio Studios.

Watch the first studio report HERE to learn more about the recordings and meet the line-up, which is composed as below:

Paulo J. Mendes (Elementia I, II, III) - Composer, Pianos and Orchestrations

Rich Gray (Annihilator, Aeon Zen) - Bass, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Thomas Blanc DM (Helioss, Celestial Swarm) - Vocals & Lyrics

Douglas Melchiades - (Worst, Paura, One True Reason) - Rhythm and Lead Guitars

Josephine WH - (Silent Grave) - Opera and Soprano Vocals

Maikon Queiroz - (Professional Session Musician) - Drums & Percussion




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