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Swiss Psych Doomers ECHOLOT Announce New Album “Curatio”; Watch the Video for “Burdens Of Sorrows"!

ECHOLOT, a psychedelic doom metal band based in Basel, Switzerland, is preparing to release its long-awaited album “Curatio” on November 4, 2022, via Sixteentimes Music.

ECHOLOT explores the bottomless pits of despair with their latest creation, “Curatio”. The 38-minute full-length album’s best visual representation is that of someone staring into the endless night sky, trying to find truths in the universe and, as a result, facing cosmic dread.

The band released the opening track of the album, “Burdens Of Sorrows” on the4th of Augustalongside a hauntingly beautiful music video directed and shot by Manuel Guldimann.

Watch the music video of “Burden Of Sorrows”:

“Curatio” was recorded and mixed by Jeroen Van Vulpen, and was mastered by Laurenz Zschokke. The artwork was created by Manuel Guldimann.

“Curatio” track listing:

1. Burdens Of Sorrows

2. Countess of Ice

3. Resilience of Floating Forms

4. Wildfire


Lukas Fuerer - Guitar, Vocals, Samples

Renato Matteucci - Bass, Vocals, Synth

Jonathan Schmidli - Drums

“Burdens Of Sorrows” music video credits:

Director & Cinematography: Manuel Guldimann

Editor: Miro Widmer

Cast: Jael Andenmatten | Girl

Philipp Zwahlen | Creature

Costume Designers:

Arlène Sagada Stebler

Manuel Guldimann




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