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Studio Veterans 8APIE Unveil Heavy Metal Music Video of “Kingdom Come”

New York hard rock band 8APIE released its music video for “Kingdom Come” on the 2nd of September, sharing its love for authentic hard-hitting hard rock with real music lovers. 8APIE is a band that has formed out of pure passion and necessity by veteran musician & mixing engineer Fader Istheman who has a 25+ year track record and has worked with every major record label, including Big Machine, Sony, Arista, Atlantic, etc., and artists like LA Guns, Zebra, Joan Jett, Dee Snider, Quiet Riot, Miley Cyrus, etc. Fader has teamed up with his cousin Seven Istheman, also a fellow pristine musician, and recording/mixing engineer who has worked with everyone and everybody from his days at major recording studios like The Record Plant, Media Sound, etc. Their first creation, “Kingdom Come”,combines unadulterated 80’s style hard rock songwriting with crisp state-of-the-art music production, showcasing the duo’s decades’ worth of experience working alongside notorious names within the music industry. Watch the music video of “Kingdom Come”:

Talking about “Kingdom Come“, the band hinted at a deeper meaning;

‘In the darkest of times, you need to try and live in your moments and embrace the good things, the simple things in life that happen every day. Don't let the moments pass you by. One day we will all meet our maker, but while we are here, we need to live life to the fullest! Live till Kingdom Come!’ It’s pretty evident that 8APIE are pure artists at heart and are committed to create art. They claim they are not doing this to become big famous rock stars. They are doing this because they want to share REAL DEAL hard rock / metal music that has substance and is lyrically deep and meaningful with real music lovers that appreciate and miss this type of art and production. Recorded at Vibramoon Studios, a state-of-the-art facility owned by 8APIE, the quality and production value exceeds the highest expectations. “Kingdom Come”, has over 100 hours of recording and mixing time alone into it. With an ambitious start, the band aims to release the first album of 11 songs by January 2023.

Stream/download “Kingdom Come” on:


Fader Istheman - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys

Seven Istheman - Drums, Keys, Backing Vocals

Additional background vocals by Kimmy Kupershmid and Melody Roxz

8APIE Online:



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