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Stoner/Psych Trio POLYMERASE Reveals Details of LP“Dreams & Realities I"; Watch "Evil Hand" Video!

The Philippines-based stoner/psych outfit POLYMERASE announces the details of its upcoming album “Dreams & Realities I” which will be released on February 3 via Electric Talon Records, Sliptrick Records, and Bear’s Den Records. POLYMERASE introduces the masses to a new type of outlook on daily life, its sound can be summarized as an other-worldly outlook on what the naked eye would perceive as regular life. The band provided fans with a sneak peak of its philosophy via the artwork which the band claims is the whole concept of the album itself as well as the single “Evil Hand”.

Fans can watch the official music video of “Evil Hand” here:

“Evil Hand” plays a key part in the concept of “Dreams & Realities I”. The central character of the story, represented by the astronaut (or the sage) is faced with an “Evil Hand”, a representation of all the negative emotions and persuasions of the human species. Don’t miss this psychedelic gem and pre-order “Dreams & Realities I” at the below links:

Electric Talon Records (America - CD; Worldwide - Digital):

Bear’s Den Records (Philippines):

“Dreams & Realities I” will show what POLYMERASE represents within the stoner/psych landscape - a renewal of the roots of the genre and a fresh tribute to its pioneers Black Sabbath, Sleep, and Electric Wizard!

“Dreams & Realities I” tracklist:

1. Space Carousel (7:08)

2. The Sage (5:57)

3. Blade of the Demon God (3:51)

4. Evil Hand (6:17)

5. Space Carousel – instrumental (6:40)

6. The Sage – instrumental (5:57)

7. Blade of the Demon God – instrumental (3:51)

8. Evil Hand – instrumental (6:17)

The album was produced by Vincent Jose & POLYMERASE. The guitars were recorded at Prince of the Arrow Records Studio. The bass track was recorded by Bobbi Legaspi at his home studio. The drums were recorded by Fabio Alessandrini in his studio. The album was mixed and mastered at Glasstone Studio. The artwork was designed by POLYMERASE and Ilham Maulana. POLYMERASE Line-Up:

Vincent Jose - Vocals, Guitars

Bobby Legaspi - Bass

Eugene Castro - Drums





Electric Talon Records

Sliptrick Records



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