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STOCKHAUSEN & THE AMPLIFIED RIOT Unveils New EP ''Have We Lost Our Mind Or Have We Found Our Soul?''

The US psych rock/garage/post-punk project STOCKHAUSEN & THE AMPLIFIED RIOT announced that his debut EP - entitled Have We Lost Our Mind Or Have We Found Our Soul? - will be released on October 22nd via Artificial Head Records!

Formed during the early days of the pandemic, initially as a three piece but now a solo effort, Stock & Tar’s mission was to create long, metronomic jams under the axiom of “three chords good, two chords better, one chord best.”

The EP showcases the early days as well as the next direction of the band: “Animal Night Train” and “Grinding Teeth” are more post-punk and the first songs the band wrote together while “Ghost Notes” hints at the psych material coming down the line. Throughout the EP, the band’s core is evident – steady, driving rhythms with guitar hooks a plenty.

Have We Lost Our Mind Or Have We Found Our Soul? has been recorded and mixed by Jacob Rodriguez at King Benny's House of Sound. Mastering by Paul Cox and Studio 226. Artwork concept by Paul Chavez, designed by People Who Can't. A first look at the front cover you can see enclosed.

This is the tracklist:

1. Animal Night Train (1:56)

2. Ghost Notes (5:00)

3. Grinding Teeth (2:22)

4. Monophonic Tuberculosis (3:40)

5. Take My Hand, Dear Lord (5:03)


Paul Chavez - Guitar, vocals, drums programming




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