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Saudi Arabian Classic Rocker ASTRO LIZARD Brings You To The Space with Debut Album “On A Blue Moon”!

The Saudi Arabian classic rock artist ASTRO LIZARD has released his debut album “On A Blue Moon”! The full-length borrows from traditional rock songs topics, but also infuses space themes, both musically and lyrically, without necessarily sounding like psychedelic rock. Within the tracks of the album, escapism emerges as a key underlying concept, where space is portrayed as the frontier to seek refuge in, away from the trouble, heartache and disappointment we experience on earth. In spite of that however, the album remains positive and hopeful across its 11 tracks which sonically, provide a groovy, bluesy, and uplifting vibe.

Watch the new videos below:

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ASTRO LIZARD is an independent solo rock project started in 2022 in Saudi Arabia by the musician and songwriter Khaled C. Astro Lizard draws influence from timeless bands such as Blue Oyster Cult, Cream, and The Doors to and brings classic rock, and blues, infused with atmospheric elements to sing about love, heartbreak and space through the eyes of the protagonist, the astro lizard.

“On A Blue Moon” was mixed and mastered by Johan Keilig. Artwork by Cameron Burns (Captvart). Logo by Lukman Satriya. Photo by Abdulrahman Ghazali.

“On A Blue Moon” tracklist:

1. Cruisin’ Down the Milky Way

2. Thick Skin

3. On A Blue Moon

4. Under The Rug

5. Between the Cracks

6. I Said

7. See You in the Ether

8. Light the Wick

9. My Whiptail

10. Bad Karma

11. Frozen in Time


Khaled C - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys




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