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Rockers COBRA CULT Reveal “Don’t Kill The Dark” Album Tracklist; Watch "Late Night Adventure" Video!

The Stockholm hard rock outfit COBRA CULT is back with its music video for “Late Night Adventure”, the opening track of the band’s upcoming third album “Don’t Kill The Dark”, which is set to be released on the 9th of December via GMR Music.

"Late Night Adventure", a song about self-reflection, is about finding where we are in life and where we fit in, everyone goes through at least once in our lifetime, especially when we are young. COBRA CULT captures this concept perfectly in the music video as the band’s members embark on a journey into the night in a car, looking for hidden secrets and possibilities to see a glimpse of what the future might hold for each of them.

As an opening track, “Late Night Adventure” features all of the elements and the highlights that the band has to offer on “Don’t Kill The Dark”: heavy-hitting hard rock riffs, NWOBHM-inspired guitar harmonies, melodic, catchy, powerful female vocals, and a real passion for rock’n’roll.

Watch the video for “Late Night Adventure”:

“Don’t Kill The Dark” marks COBRA CULT’s natural development after its last two albums andpays tribute to the original heavy metal forbearers while still sounding fresh. What sets COBRA CULT apart from its counterparts and is one of its strong qualities is the use of female vocals. Johanna Lindhult’s masterful vocal performances give a new edge to the long-established genre and make this album absolutely memorable.

“Don’t Kill The Dark” tracklist:

1. Late Night Adventure (3:14)

2. The Beast (2:51)

3. A Price To Pay (2:51)

4. Stand Your Ground (3:42)

5. The Colour Green (3:16)

6. Don’t Kill The Dark (3:18)

7. Forever Faster (2:28)

8. Do.Or.Die. (2:57)

9. What We Know (3:01)

10. Her Majesty (3:20)

Pre-order “Don’t Kill The Dark”, stream & download music here:

"Don’t Kill The Dark” was produced by COBRA CULT and Robert Pehrsson at Studio Humbucker. Mixed by Robert Pehrsson, and mastered by Toxic Holocaust frontman Joel Grind. Erik Rovanpera designed the artwork.


Johanna Lindhult – Vocals, Guitar

Anders Martinsgård – Guitar

Thomas Jonsson – Bass, Backing vocals

Carl Johan ”Sillen” Sillén – Drums Special Guests:

Robert Pehrsson – Guitar, Backing vocals

Joseph Tholl (Tribulation) – Backing vocals

COBRA CULT Online: Website



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