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Rock Songwriter WAX MEKANIX Announces “Mobocracy Deluxe”; Watch the Lyric Video of "Freak Boutique"!

US rock songwriter WAX MEKANIX has announced the new album “Mobocracy Deluxe”, a special edition of the highly-acclaimed album “Mobocracy” released in 2020. The record is set to be released on October 28 via Electric Talon Records as jewel case, streaming, and digital download on the label's Bandcamp page:

Waxim “Wax” Ulysses Mekanix is an American musician, songwriter, performer, producer, painter, photographer, and founding member of American cult rockers Nitro. Wax’s vetted perspective and tested work can best be described as raw, bold, uncompromising, authentic, and disconcerting.

The new exclusive, limited edition “Mobocracy Deluxe” features:

● Six tracks from Wax’s searing and snarling Grammy-balloted debut Mobocracy (2020)

● Two tracks from the sonic-shifting, thunderously exotic, organic, tribal split with Troll Teeth, Blunt (2021)

● Alternate mixes of 2 fan-favorite tracks

● Early working demos of 2 compositions

●A rare and unreleased track that Wax wrote for Mobocracy, but has remained in the vault until now. Not 1, but 2 stunningly-different takes that illustrate his approach to songcraft.

WAX MEKANIX has stated about “Mobocracy Deluxe”:

Although they span two separate releases, the songs on Mobocracy Deluxe are constructed from the same inspirational connective tissue, and come from the same creative places. I’ve made it pretty clear that I write and record mostly for my own satisfaction regardless of who might eventually hear any of it, but I hope the tracks here will give my audience a more complete view of where my head was during the funky sideways times of 2015 to 2020.

WAX MEKANIX has collaborated once again with the young adventurous Pennsylvania filmmaker Alex Wagoner for the creation of a new lyric video, this time dedicated to the song “Freak Boutique”:

Along with Mobocracy Deluxe is a video for my groovy jam, “Freak Boutique”. American filmmaker Alex Wagoner made the creepy stark video for Blunt’s “Manchester Strawberry Blonde”, so I wanted to work more with him to whip up something more retro and trippy to demonstrate Freak Boutique’s notion of societal duality, personal courage, collective cowardice, and the inevitable cost to anyone that exhibits public displays of individuality and bravery.

Watch the lyric video of “Freak Boutique”:


1. Blood in My Eyes (4:41)

2. Victorious (4:51)*

3. All Freaks (2:59)

4. Mad World (4:42)**

5. Ghostland (4:37)

6. Black (5:05)***

7. Head (3:57)

8. Manchester Strawberry Blonde (1:33)

9. Freak Boutique (2:56)

10. All Freaks (Acoustic Demo) (3:47)

11. Black (Blue Oak Mix) (5:03) ***

12. Bloodshed (Electric Demo) (4:24)

13. Mad World (Zeuss Mix) (4:24) **

14. Victorious (Acoustic Demo) (3:58) *

15. Bloodshed (Acoustic Demo) (5:32)

16. Victorious (Radio Version) (3:32) *

All songs written by Wax unless indicated

* Wax Mekanix and Maxim “Lectriq” Laskavy

** Wax Mekanix and John Hazel

***Wax Mekanix, Chris Bishop, and Brandon Yeagley

Produced by: Wax Mekanix and Maxim “Lectriq” Laskavy (Tracks 1-16)

Mixed by: Machine (Tracks 1-6),

Lectriq (Tracks 1-10, 13, 16),

Chris ‘Zeuss’ Harris (Track 13),

Adam ‘Yukon’ Harr (Track 11)

Engineered by: Lectriq (Tracks 1-16),

Machine (Tracks 1-7),

Pete Tramo (Tracks 1-5, 12, 13),

Michael Cumming (Tracks 2, 16),

Jack Cullen (Tracks 2, 16),

John Hazel (Tracks 4, 13),

Don ‘Groove’ Hinton (Tracks 12, 15)


Wax Mekanix: Lead and Backing vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Drums, Percussion, Harmonica (Tracks 1-16) Lectriq: Backing vocals, Percussion (Tracks 1-7, 8-11, 13, 16)

Machine: Drums (Track 7)

Brandon Yeagley: Backing vocals (Tracks 1-6, 7, 9, 11,16)

Chris Bishop: Electric & Acoustic Guitars (Tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 16)

Tom Altman: Guitar, Bass (Tracks 1-3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 16)

Wendell PoPs Sewell: Guitar, Bass (Tracks 1-3, 5, 12)

John Hazel: Guitar, Bass (Tracks 4, 13)

Raje Shwari: Backing vocals (Track 3)

M11SON: Backing vocals (Tracks 2, 16, 7, 9)

Tommy Conwell: Backing vocals (Tracks 2, 16)

Nataliya Odud: Backing vocals (Tracks 2, 16)

Eli Goldman: Backing Vocals (Tracks 2, 16)

Isaac Wilson: Percussion (Tracks 4, 13)

Stephen Burdick: Acoustic Guitar (Tracks 7, 9)

Marissa Wolner: Backing Vocals (Tracks 7, 9)

Recording Locations:

1. Lectriq Factory, Philadelphia, PA (Tracks 1-13, 16)

2. The Machine Shop, Asbury Park, NJ (Tracks 1-7, 16)

3. Lorelei Studios, Philadelphia, PA (Tracks 1-5, 12, 13, 16)

4. Milkboy Studios, Philadelphia, PA (Tracks 2, 16)

5. Rittenhouse Soundworks, Philadelphia, PA (Tracks 2, 16)

6. Groove Studios, (Tracks 12, 15)

7. The Barn, Madisonburg, PA (Tracks 4, 11)

8. Wax's car & basement (Tracks 2, 4, 7, 8, 14)




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