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Rock’n’Roll Machine COBRA CULT Announces Album “Don’t Kill The Dark”; Watch Video Of Title Track!

The Stockholm hard rock outfit COBRA CULT returns with the music video of “Don’t Kill The Dark” from its upcoming third album, which is set to be released on the 9th of December via GMR Music. The album’s title track indicates what fans should expect from COBRA CULT; intense hard rock riffing mixed with elements of heavy metal and punk music, and at the heart of it all, the essence of rock’n’roll. Watch the video of “Don’t Kill The Dark”:

“Don’t Kill The Dark” marks COBRA CULT’s natural development after its last two albums and pays tribute to the original heavy metal forebearers while still sounding fresh. On top of the band’s catchy harmonies, Johanna Lindhult delivers powerful as well as personal vocal performances on par with the likes of Sean Harris from Diamond Head. This combination gives the band a unique sound like nothing else out there. The upcoming LP will feature ten songs for almost 30 minutes of playing time. It will be available in CD, vinyl, streaming, and digital download formats. Pre-order “Don’t Kill The Dark” here:

“Don’t Kill The Dark” was produced by COBRA CULT and Robert Pehrsson at Studio Humbucker. Mixed by Robert Pehrsson, mastered by Toxic Holocaust frontman Joel Grind. Erik Rovanpera designed the artwork.


Johanna Lindhult – Vocals, Guitar

Anders Martinsgård – Guitar

Thomas Jonsson – Bass, Backing vocals

Carl Johan ”Sillen” Sillén – Drums Special Guests:

Robert Pehrsson – Guitar, Backing vocals Joseph Tholl (Tribulation) – Backing vocals

COBRA CULT Online: Website



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