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Progressive Rock Band NARROW STREET Drops Self-Titled Single, Watch The Lyric Video Below!

Italian progressive rock band NARROW STREET explores the fear of judgement in its self-titled single which it released today via Ænima Recordings. The song title “Narrow Street” is symbolic of the way life constricts our minds through fear. Lyrically, the song focuses on the fear of judgment by others, worrying too much about others, or because of others, being afraid of their gaze and judgment. It is a failure to center oneself so much that one gets lost and cannot find a way and ends up in a type of perdition. Watch the lyric video of “Narrow Street” here:

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As with the lyrics centering around the feeling of tension, the music of “Narrow Street” follows suit as it purposefully instills feelings of claustrophobia upon the listener from the start until near the end. In true progressive rock fashion, the song includes many twists and turns, and features an otherworldly guitar solo and many bridge sections. “Narrow Street” leaves the listener guessing what will happen next, while still keeping the atmosphere closed to match the song’s overall theme. Right at the end, the chorus shatters the built-up tension and symbolizes the explosion of accumulated anger from a lifetime of pent-up fear.

NARROW STREET is a progressive rock-inspired project with some metal undertones, with lyrics and music written by Francesco Demaria. The journey of composition began in 2012 with the vision and delight of interest, as well as a challenge for the author and composer in terms of composition abilities and musical vision, all with a highly personal touch. This endeavor produced a significant number of songs, song sections, or even just ideas over the years. Demaria recorded a selection of these songs in the summer of 2020 with the purpose of releasing and sharing them with the world.

After entering the studio, NARROW STREET discovered the proper path to take, one that felt intensely personal, one that the author lived and was eager to talk about. This resulted in the construction of a unified work with an underlying thread that connects the parts together, rather than a real concept album. Demaria chose to convey the emotions he has had in various situations – beautiful and even challenging emotions that most of us will experience at some point in our lives.

The lyrics evolved, and the compositions played a crucial part in adjusting to these themes, most likely because the author was already explaining what was going on in his head on an unconscious level, and both the music and sounds suited well. The entire body of work is united by one dominant theme: our lived emotional experiences – worries, uncertainties, anxieties, panic attacks, but also a yearning for rebirth, seeking and finding a new route, and continued personal progress despite everything. “Narrow Street” was recorded by Samuele Forte. It was mixed and mastered by Mattia Garimanno at Ænima Recordings. The band logo was designed by Paolo Vallerga. The artwork was designed by Cisco Dan.


Francesco Demaria - Drums, Keyboards, Vocals

Jacopo Garimanno - Guitars

Alberto Rondano - Guitars

Andrea Bastoni - Bass

Michela Mosso - Backing vocals




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