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Progressive Doom Metal Band LEADEN FUMES Explores Sleep Paralysis with Recent Album "Kanashibari"

Swiss progressive doom metal act LEADEN FUMES released its new LP “Kanashibari” via Sixteentimes Music on April 14. Since rising out of the ashes of Phased in 2016, the band has continually evolved and released the follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut-album “Abandon Ship”.

LEADEN FUMES gives a nod to classic doom metal with “Kanashibari”, while adding complexity to the genre using unorthodox time-signatures and breaks. The album goes from contemplative and acoustic to the band’s more-drawn-out and heavy sound, defying the classic doom metal genre. The album artwork takes a bow to Japanese record-sleeve style art, and the title refers to one band member’s real-life experience of sleep paralysis and the feeling of a crushing weight on his chest as if he was possessed by a demon. “Kanashibari” also means “metal bound” - perfectly fitting the music the band pursues. Purchase “Kanashibari” at Sixteentimes Music Shop! It is available as 12 inch limited transparent red vinyl, limited to 100 copies:

Listen to “Kanashibari” on

LEADEN FUMES is a progressive doom metal band from Basel, Switzerland. The three members are veterans of the local scene, having played in and founded a multitude of bands. Their music plays with elements from pop to black metal while retaining the heaviness and slow tempo of classic doom.

“The Sludgelord” said the vocals “have Pentagram feels”, while “The Obelisk” stated: “…there’s something ancient and primal about Leaden Fumes approach, speaking to the roots of doom metal as grown out from the NWOBHM, but at no point are they retro in style and their material veers further into extremes as the record plays out.

Some bands LEADEN FUMES have played with include Elder, Gates Of Slumber, Aluk Todolo, Greenmachine, Lord Vicar, and Year Of The Cobra. They have also appeared on some smaller festivals and headlined shows in Germany, France, and Switzerland.

“Kanashibari” tracklist:

1. Adrift

2. Car Thief

3. The Fullness Of Being

4. Kanashibari

5. Inhospitable

6. The Eclectic Lizard

7. In De Ni Al

“Kanashibari” was recorded with Marc Obrist of Zeal & Ardor, mixed by Jonathan Schmidli and mastered by Koichi Hara (Boris, Corrupted). The artwork was drawn by Manuel Guldimann and the band photos were taken by Michael Greilinger.


Florian Schoenmann - guitar & backing vocals

Christian Sigdell - bass & vocals

Jonathan Schmidli - drums

LEADEN FUMES Online: Website



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