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Post-Black/Blackgaze Artist ZORYA Releases the Single ''Ikigai'' Against Any Discrimination

The Slovenia-based Post-Black Metal/Blackgaze artist ZORYA has released the new single “Ikigai” on February 20. Recorded as preparation for the upcoming album, the song follows the two tracks-EP “Escapism”, released in July last year.

Watch the animated video of “Ikigai” on the artist’s YouTube channel!

The song was composed by different renowned musicians. Together with the mastermind Jan Oblak, the track sees B.M. (Skyforest, A Light In The Dark) and Jan Hoskovec (Trientale) with harsh and clean vocals respectively. Jan's wish was to unite several different musicians from all over the world without distinctions about geographical origins, political background or personal conditions. Jan Oblak elaborates:

The song has a very strong psychological impact. I want to show people that no one, really no one, can judge people regardless of race or gender. Regarding political views, people should never argue because we are all one and we have to stick together. “Ikigai” was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Jan Oblak – Zorya. Lyrics are written by Nikola Stanković. Music and programming by Jan Oblak – Zorya.

Stream and download “Ikigai” on:

ZORYA Online:



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