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Poland's Post-Rock Band OUDEZIEL Shares The Videos for “Jeremy” and “Life”; Debut EP Now Available!

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

The Polish post-rock duo OUDEZIEL has released its self-titled debut EP on July 19th via Rock Company. “Oudeziel” is a Dutch word, a pun on Old Soul. According to the Far Eastern philosophy, after five incarnations, the human soul becomes old. This is strictly connected with the band’s philosophy during the songwriting process. As the band stated, “It’s an experience. Old souls are usually considered a bit old-fashioned and so it is with music, we do not follow fashion, we try to convey emotions, experience gained by playing and creating sounds of different styles.

Two are the videos that you can watch on YouTube

OUDEZIEL mixes post-rock with elements from progressive rock and dream pop. The result is a sound which does not want to resemble that of any particular artist, but aims to represent life in all its majesty, as well as in the multiplicity of positive and negative moments. Listening to this EP, consisting of 5 songs for a total of 26 minutes, takes us back to our adolescence, when we discovered the world guided by innocence. Until we reach adulthood, entering the frenetic world, which deprives us of happiness to let us know pain.

The EP is available on the label shop:

Alternatively, you can stream/download it on the main digital platforms

“Oudeziel” was mixed and mastered by Artur Wolski. The artwork is by Jarek Bielawski.


1. Life

2. Fluistert

3. Reis

4. Binner

5. Jeremy


Artur Wolski - Guitars, Keyboards

Jarosław Bielawski - Drums




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