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NIGHTWRAITH Shares “Genesthai” Video Off Upcoming Album “Offering”

The Denver-based melodic death metal band NIGHTWRAITH is happy to share with old and new fans an official video for the track “Genesthai”. The song is taken from the new full-length Offering, scheduled to be released on March 25 via Reaping Scythe Records.

Watch the video on the label’s YouTube channel!

NIGHTWRAITH is a band exploring the genre with an eclectic and intuitive approach. Their music encompasses poignant themes: seeking the sublime in nature, being genuine in a deceptive world, and living with the idea of death - concepts that unite us all as people. Using haunting melodies and triumphant anthems, the band offers listeners a sonic pilgrimage into the heart of being human.

Offering is a monumental effort that will surely turn some heads in the death metal circuit and beyond. With the addition of a new member in early 2021 (keyboards/synthesizer), the band broadened the scope of their exploration, making Offering an experience that is both aggressive and textural.

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1. Offering (1:53)

2. Hedonic Adaptation (6:23)

3. Beguiler (6:44)

4. Genesthai (6:02)

5. The Great Acceleration (4:56)

6. Shavano (6:25)

7. Maranasati (4:27)

8. The Snake and the Rope (6:12)


Benjamin Pitts - Vocals, Guitar

Igor Panasewicz - Guitar

Caleb Tardio - Keyboards

Jerry Hilger - Bass

Isidro ‘Spy’ Soto - Drums




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