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NIAMH: Watch the Video of “I Fink U Freeky”, Die Antwoord Cover

Waiting for the third album - to be released via Electric Talon Records - the Italian alternative metal band NIAMH has released the video for "I Fink U Freeky", a cover of the famous song by the South African hip-hop trio Die Antwoord. Watch the video HERE!

The release is a chaotic, yet more grounded take on the already chaotic Die Antwoord original, with a large emphasis on pounding drums, slick vocals, and groove-laden metal guitars. When you hear Niamh’s rendition, you’ll know it’s NIAMH. And that’s a good thing.

The band declared about the song and the video:

We have always liked finding challenging covers to play. Our goal when covering a song is to take that song, rearrange it, and make it our own. Back in 2017, we decided to cover a very groovy song by the name of ‘Maniac’ from the Flashdance 1980's movie. We totally moved to an introspective approach for the second cover we attempted on our 2019 record, and covered ‘Something in the Way’ by Nirvana. This time around, we wanted something totally non-rock but very rock anyway, and that’s how we landed on ‘I fink U Freeky”. A classic for anybody into electronic music. We found it freeky, and we liked it a lot.

"The video is an homage to the classic teen horror movies we grew up on and was shot in a block that was once used as an insane asylum back in the day. Nowadays though, that block is abandoned and in ruin. It's really a scary place, I don't know if I would spend a night there alone haha."

The track has been recorded by Studio A in Vercelli (Italy). Mixing and mastering by Stephen Burdick from Eletric Talon Records.

I Fink U Freeky” is available on:


Michele Nocentini -Vocals Tomas Tassistro - Guitar Mattia Ferrari - Bass Carlos Cantatore - Drums

NIAMH Online:

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