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New Mexico’s BLINDDRYVE Unleashes Emotions of Emptiness with The Depressive Ballad “Space Between”

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

New Mexico alternative metal band BLINDDRYVE returns with its newest single “Space Between”, a depressive ballad with emotions of rage lingering in the soundscape. The song also acts as an origin story for when Mitch Palacio joined the band as a guitarist, in Mitch’s own words:

Space Between is a song I wrote about a deeply depressed period in my life when I isolated myself from everything and everyone I loved. BLINDDRYVE kind of saved my life when Dan asked me to join the band. I wrote the first riff of the song at home reflecting, and brought it to the jam space where we finished writing the music. We wrote the lyrics later after discussing the idea behind the riff. The lyrics of “Space Between” deal with topics related to dissociation and losing touch with reality. Right from the intro, the song evokes feelings of emptiness, and a lingering rage directed at what is perceived from the outside. A rage-filled line perfectly transitions “Space Between” into a catchy chorus and it should stand out to keen listeners: ‘You’re not even real’. The line sparks moments of familiarity for all of us. It resurfaces memories of feeling so distant with reality that we wouldn’t believe the things around us happening were actually real. BLINDDRYVE was formed from a band contest hosted by alternative rock radio station 104.1 The Edge in 2006. Since then, BLINDDRYVE has been a staple of the New Mexico rock & metal scene for almost two decades. During that time, the band has additionally been involved in short films and most notably the Hollywood thriller Odd Thomas in 2013. BLINDDRYVE has also won a New Mexico Music Award for best metal in 2010 and was also nominated in 2017. With all of its success, the band signed to Entelodon Records in 2018 and has since released all subsequent releases with them. “Space Between” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Augustine Ortiz, Jr. at The Decibel Foundry.

Stream and download “Space Between” on:

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Chris Sandoval - Vocals

Mitch Palacio - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Daniel Gonzales - Bass, Backing Vocals

David Alvarado - Drums




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