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New Mexico’s BLINDDRYVE Unleashes Anti-Propaganda Anthem “Illusionary”!

New Mexico alternative rock/metal band BLINDDRYVE releases its brand-new single “Illusionary”. The inspiration for this track came by bassist Daniel Gonzales’ frustration with propaganda and how it is sold to us in the media, while Daniel’s bassline inspired guitarist Mitch Palacio’s sultry guitar intro and the heavy chorus riffs. BLINDDRYVE works in fact as a collaborative songwriting force, meaning that the band writes the songs in jamming sessions, a way the band views rock music was meant to be written. Fans can watch the video of “Illusionary” here:

“Illusionary” is a perfect showcase of BLINDDRYVE’s ability to write an uplifting song with a lot of lyrical depth. With the mysterious noir-themed intro at the start, one can’t help but recall times of not knowing the truth behind what’s going on with the state of the world and searching for the truth, however as the heavy chorus hits, the listener is faced with a sense of finding a small truth after its search. The song circles through those two phases which is symbolic of humanity’s never ending quest for truth. BLINDDRYVE was formed from a band contest hosted by alternative rock radio station 104.1 The Edge in 2006. Since then, BLINDDRYVE has been a staple of the New Mexico rock & metal scene for almost two decades. During that time, the band has additionally been involved in short films and most notably the Hollywood thriller “Odd Thomas” in 2013. BLINDDRYVE has also won a New Mexico Music Award for best metal act in 2010 and was also nominated in 2017. With all of its success, the band signed to Entelodon Records in 2018 and has since released all subsequent releases with them. “Illusionary” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Augustine Ortiz, Jr. at The Decibel Foundry. The video was made by Daniel Gonzales.


Chris Sandoval - Vocals

Mitch Palacio - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Daniel Gonzales - Bass, Backing Vocals

David Alvarado - Drums

Stream or download “Illusionary” on

Amazon Music:




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