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NEOFELIS NEBULOSA Urges to Break the Chains with the “Crazy World” Video

French-based postgrunge outfit NEOFELIS NEBULOSA is glad to announce the signature with The Metallist PR for the worldwide promotion of his debut record EP 1, released on January, 21st. Watch the official video for the opening track “Crazy World” – available here!

The video is set in a cold and surreal world that is very reminiscent of certain niche science fiction movies such as Alex Proyas' “Dark City”. The world is in fact represented as a perfect machine, driven by gears, where the human being is totally absent. The music of NEOFELIS NEBULOSA, apparently carefree, therefore encourages people to break all chains in order not to risk living, as in the video, in a world of loneliness and depression.

NEOFELIS NEBULOSA was born in 2019 by Philippe, the actual lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and main songwriter, who started this project alone after falling into a deep depression. The band was a sort of “musical therapy” for him, who found the other members and quickly started to write the three songs that have been then included in EP 1.

EP 1 has been recorded, mixed, and mastered at Thomaudio Studios in Paris. The artwork is by Neofelis Nebulosa, while Philippe took care of all the lyrics.

You can find EP 1 at the following sites below:

Track Listing:

1. Crazy World (3:30)

2. No One’s Gonna Save You (5:11)

3. Drive (3:30)


Philippe – Lead singer/Rhythm guitar

Clément – Lead guitar

Damien – Bass

Thomas – Drums/Mix

The Metallist PR:



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