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MYLINGEN: Releases New Album “Under En Svart Himmel” on June 21st!

Swedish progressive extreme metal duo MYLINGEN is excited to announce that its new effort, entitled “Under En Svart Himmel”, will be released on June 21st as digipak and on the main digital streaming platforms.

“Under En Svart Himmel” is a dark and melancholic, melody filled, mixed bag of Death/Black/Doom Metal with Progressive elements and influences from Prog Rock and Folk music. The lyrics are completely performed in Swedish and include themes such as Death, Ageing, Existentialism, Swedish Folklore, Nightmares, Misery, and Melancholia. Fans of Agalloch, Hypocrisy, Opeth, and Amorphis will be delighted by this record!

MYLINGEN was founded by Swedish multi-instrumentalist Viktor Jonas in 2022 from the ashes of his previous band Apathy Noir. The idea behind Mylingen was to take the foundation from Apathy Noir and expand with new musical and lyrical ideas. A more free form where the music could draw inspiration from a variety of genres and styles and with an aim to incorporate more traditional folk music in both music and lyrics. An EP was released digitally in January 2023 with Viktor Jonas performing all music, while G.C. was hired for the vocal duties.

During the work for the new album, Viktor decided that all songs were to be performed with Swedish lyrics and titles. Viktor found a new vocalist in Eric Holmberg, from the band Shiverpush. Collaboration on vocal arrangements and lyrics went smoothly and the album was finished in April 2024.

The tracklist of “Under En Svart Himmel” is now revealed. You can read it below:

1. Ett Dödens Bud

2. Förlist

3. Under En Svart Himmel

4. Mot Slutet Av Ett Liv

5. I Vattnets Mörka Djup

6. Misär

Attached you can see the artwork, created by Viktor Jonas. Original work of art used in the artwork of this product fall under public domain. Work of art used includes: Andreas Achenbach ”Ein Seesturm an der norwegischen Küste” (1837) and ”Norwegische Küste Bei Mondlicht” (1848).

All music was written and performed by Viktor Jonas. Lyrics written by Viktor Jonas (tracks 1, 3 & 5) and Eric Holmberg (tracks 2, 4 & 6). Band photos taken by Viktor Jonas and Eric Holmberg. Band logo designed by Gogo Melone ART, based on a sketch by Viktor Jonas.


Viktor Jonas - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards

Eric Holmberg - Vocals


MYLINGEN: Releases New Album “Under En Svart Himmel” on June 21st!

MYLINGEN: Releases New Album “Under En Svart Himmel” on June 21st!


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