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MORGAN REID Releases Debut Album “Terran”; Watch & Share the Title-Track Video to Win Ibanez Guitar!

Today is the day! The Canadian progressive metal guitarist MORGAN REID has released his debut album “Terran”. A new video for the title-track is now available on the artist’s YouTube channel. Watch it here:

This new single holds the torch of the album name, and boldly demonstrates Morgan's musical vision. It's both melodic and heavy, technical and epic, and is performed with a dynamic fervor suitable for otherworldly travel. Morgan has stated:

A portal is opening to an alternate version of earth: TERRAN. A glimpse into this world, colliding with our own, allows us to see our faults, shortcomings and the inner-darkness. We struggle to hold on to our humanity as the darkness fights to overtake us. This clash of worlds may however serve as a glimmer of hope for change! The constant battle, switching back and forth between imminent destruction and a better future... Where will it end?

“Terran” is not only Morgan’s debut work, but also a summary of diverse life experiences and interests that have led him to become the all-round artist he is today. Alongside his work as a musician, including touring the world with his UK-based band Bloodshot Dawn - Morgan has established himself as a professional dancer and choreographer around Europe, after leaving Canada at the age of 18. He and his wife founded their dance company “Phase-Zero Productions” in Leipzig, Germany where they have been creating full evening pieces since 2014. Morgan has always been interested in what moves people and aims to find a balance between groovy, catchy and truly epic elements in his music.

Using literary terminology, we could say that MORGAN REID‘s music is an èpos of sound – a musical narration of heroic endeavors. This music demands your attention and will have you windmilling in short order.

“Terran” has been performed, written, produced, and mixed by Morgan Reid, mastered by Alan Sacha Laskow. Additional drum performance by Florian Schwalbe. Cello performed by Friedrich Thiele. The artwork is created by Morgan Reid using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artist Algorithm called “Midjourney”. Photo by Ekaterina Gorbacheva.

The artist has been supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal German Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

Share “Terran” video on social media with hashtag #Ibanezgiveaway for your chance to win an Ibanez RG7421PB-SBF 7-string guitar, a Terran CD, T-shirt, and guitar lesson with Morgan!

You can increase your chances of winning one of three prizes by picking up some merch, a CD or digital copy at

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Morgan endorses Ibanez Guitars, Elixir Strings, Neural DSP, and Windspear Instrumental picks

“Terran” tracklist:

1. March On (1:45)

2. Goliath Online (3:42)

3. Djinn & Juice (3:57)

4. Terran (5:03)

5. A Formless Icon (5:06)

6. Chimerism (1:41)

7. Grand Champ (feat. Friedrich Tiele) (5:38)

8. Obsidian (interlude) (2:38)

9. Bending Light (5:10)

10. Intrinsic Code (3:51)

11. Sirsasana (0:58)

12. CRISP (6:02)




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