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Metal Band STRYFE Announces Album “Cursed Theatre”; Political Video for “Velvet Revolution" Out!

STRYFE, a Metal Band based in Los Angeles, CA, are preparing to release their long-awaited album “Cursed Theatre” on August 12.

STRYFE’s ethnic Armenian roots are highlighted in their political anthem, “Velvet Revolution”. The song was inspired by Armenia’s 2018 Velvet Revolution, which culminated in the appointment of Nikol Pashninyan as the prime minister of Armenia. “Velvet Revolution” also has a more global meaning and is about people standing up for themselves and their rights.

Watch the music video of “Velvet Revolution” here:

STRYFE is a Los Angeles-based metal band with a vibrant sound of heavy rock accents, mellifluous chord arrangements, and powerfully captivating vocals. STRYFE’s sound is best described as a modern metal band with progressive ambitions while maintaining a rock sensibility and cohesive song structure, with stylistic influences ranging from death metal to Armenian classical and folk music. Each member brings countless years of experience and musical heritage to the table, giving the group a unique yet familiar sound that reverberates across all their material.

Their upcoming LP “Cursed Theatre” was mixed by Kar Khursudyan and Serge Elkony and was mastered by none other than the legendary producer Jens Bogren of Fascination Street Studios, who has worked with metal powerhouses such as Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Bloodbath, Katatonia, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Powerwolf and many more.

The artwork was designed by Arsen Kirakosyan.

“Cursed Theatre” tracklist:

1. Deception (3:57)

2. Palisade (3:45)

3. Duplicitous (7:03)

4. Velvet Revolution (4:19)

5. Lazaro (4:45)

6. Cursed Theatre (5:18)

7. Hymn of the Truth (5:49)

8. Fake (6:22)

9. Born Again (7:00)

10. Highlands (4:33)


Sergio Ochoa - Vocals

Kar Khurshudyan - Guitars

Karo Torosyan - Bass

Derek Vardumyan - Drums

STRYFE Online:



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