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KALAHARI: “The Ivory Tower” Reveals New Horizons for Modern Metal; New Visualizer on Spaceuntravel

After the 2020 debut “Theia” and the cool rearrangement of the Christmas song “Carol of the Bells”, Italian metal act KALAHARI comes back with a new gem of his artistic evolution. The new track is called The Ivory Tower, and you can hear it in all its power in an exclusive premiere by Spaceuntravel:

Compared to the debut album, the rhythm section has kept the groove element, however, inserting it into a more complex structure. The presence of electronic carpets, combined with the deep and lacerated voice of Nicola Pellacani, leads KALAHARI towards more modern territories, almost to the point of bothering bands like Mnemic.

The singer Nicola Pellacani stated about the song:

"The Ivory Tower" is a great achievement for us, both technically and for the self-awareness that writing this song gave us. We wanted to release it as a single to give the song and its message the most attention possible. What this song deals with is very connected to the meaning that our name has for us. It talks about the delusion of grandeur that we are thrown into when we are born in a developed country and the impossibility to reach its expectations. Life is a walk in the desert.

No matter how lucky we are born, our "superior" mind makes things complicated. We always want more, we reach towards our ivory tower, but can we ever grasp its beauty and find peace? Listen to the song and find out what the answer is!

The Ivory Tower has been recorded at The Grid Studio, mixed by Jonathan Mazzeo, and mastered by Christian Donaldson. Artwork by Adriano Clemense.

The Ivory Tower is available on:


Nicola Pellacani: Vocals

Gabriele Bartolucci: Guitars

Gino Annichiarico: Guitars

Joshua Pini: Bass

Alessandro Visani: Drums


The Metallist PR:


KALAHARI is a metal band born in Forlì (Italy) from an idea shaped in 2015, then realized two years later. The first demo entitled “Re-Burn” is released in 2018 and after one year of gigs throughout the underground scene, they go back to the studio to record their first EP: “Theia”. This record features the singles “Theia”, “Followers of the Lich”, and “Zombie Night”. During the same year, the band also releases a re-interpreted version of the Xmas classic “Carol of the bells”.

The band members have a musical background that touches different shades of the metal genre. The complicity between them and the passion for music brought them to create a unique blend of sounds, which makes it hard to label them within the Modern Metal panorama. Powerful break-downs and galloping riffs alternate with sinuous melodies: the result is an overwhelming sound, which remains clear and defined.

The lyrics deal with social and existential themes and take inspiration from strong feelings and from the events that cause them in the first place. Everything is rigorously presented in a metaphorical key.

KALAHARI is music made of strong sensations, that give you chills, and that is what these guys want to deliver to their audience.



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