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Italy’s Progressive Rock Band MAYSNOW Releases New Single & Video “Another Chance” feat. Daniel Cavanagh from ANATHEMA!

Updated: 4 days ago

The Italian progressive rock band MAYSNOW is proud to announce that the new single “Another Chance” is now released on the main digital streaming platforms via Sleaszy Rider. The track, accompanied by an official video directed by BigHead Family, sees the collaboration with Daniel Cavanagh from ANATHEMA

Watch the official video of “Another Chance” here:

“Another Chance” is a rock ballad that reflects the versatility of the band, combining Brit-prog elements in a song without a conventional chorus. The song opens with a delicate piano loop and a solo guitar, alternating in a poignant dialogue. Midway through the song, the atmosphere changes with the introduction of an electric guitar arpeggio, followed by the rhythmic section that builds the piece to a climax. Daniel Cavanagh's distinctive voice adds intensity to the song, with sonic variations that culminate in a surprising finale. The piece concludes with a return to the initial sensation, leaving the listener with a note of bitterness and a desire to repeat the experience.

Another Chance is a song about redemption. It talks of rebirth, that can only be achieved through the painful process of struggling with inner demons.” - Daniele Rini

Stream/download “Another Chance” on

Music by Daniel Cavanagh, Antonio De Rubertis, Roberto Vergallo; Lyrics & Vocals by Daniel Cavanagh, Daniele Rini; Guitars by Daniel Cavanagh, Roberto Vergallo; Keyboards by Antonio De Rubertis; Bass by Nicola Lezzi; Drums by Giulio Carrozzini; Recorded between Italy & England; Produced by Antonio De Rubertis, Giulio Carrozzini, Nicola Lezzi, Daniele Rini, Roberto Vergallo; Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Cardoso at Öhme Studio (Portugal).

Band photo by Anna Maria Testa. Band logo by Lux Malagnino Eonthesign. Video by Daniele Ostuni.



Far beyond the concept of a band, MAYSNOW is the musical project created by Daniele Rini (Ghost of Mary, Silvered) in memory of his friend Mimmo Angelini. The close artistic synergy with Roberto Vergallo (ex-Silvered), guitarist and co-founder of the project, immediately created a well-defined musical path: writing music as a necessity, a deep instinct to channel pain, a cure against darkness of the soul. The approach is visceral, at times nostalgic, the stylistic coordinates are those of grunge rock, at times suffused, combined with the dark atmospheres of Northern European metal. The official presentation, in November 2016, was followed by numerous concerts around Italy.

In 2018, bassist Nicola Lezzi (ex-Ghost of Mary) joined Maysnow. Bianca Massari currently plays drums in the studio and live. In 2023 Paolo Bianchi (keyboardist) joined the band.

In December 2019 the band released the video clip of the first electric single, "Echoes of Rain", a song released as an exclusive preview on SpazioRock.

In 2020 they perform live on the stage of the Ariston Theater for the national final of Sanremo Rock. MAYSNOW are the first Apulian band to publish their own song in NFT format, making a special version of the song "Orchid" available on the OpenSea portal in 2021.

The new single “Hare”, released on January 21, 2023, was mixed by Andrea Litti and mastered by Mika Jussila (HIM, Apocalyptica, Amorphis, Sentenced) at Finnvox Studios in Finland. The official videoclip was directed by Daniele Ostuni for BigHead Family.

In November 2023 Maysnow signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider Records for the release of their second album featuring very special guests.

Italy’s Progressive Rock Band MAYSNOW Releases New Single & Video “Another Chance” feat. Daniel Cavanagh from ANATHEMA!

Italy’s Progressive Rock Band MAYSNOW Releases New Single & Video “Another Chance” feat. Daniel Cavanagh from ANATHEMA!


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