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Italy's Prog Metal/Djent Band MISLEADING DAYS Releases EP “Kintsugi”, Drops Video for "37"!

The Italian progressive metal/djent band MISLEADING DAYS has released the debut EP “Kintsugi” via Ænima Recordings. The EP is now available on the main digital platforms. Don’t miss it if you are a fan of Meshuggah, Animals As Leaders, VOLA, and Plini!

In order to celebrate the great event, MISLEADING DAYS has released a video for the track #2, entitled “37”. Watch it here!

The concept behind this first work is Kintsugi. From Japanese culture, the Kintsugi technique has the aim of honoring the wounds and breakages of a Bonsai vase, perhaps a thousand years old, which has lived through past eras and at a certain point was shattered, putting the pieces back together, and covering the “wounds” with gold leaf. Like the vase, man's wounds are also healed, and only by recognizing and treating them can valuable lessons be learned, thus giving the right value to the wounds themselves. The 7 tracks of this EP start immediately with great energy, then move on to more introspective settings as the songs progress and, reflecting the path that the artist wanted to trace, end with another change in mood.

Stream/download “Kintsugi” on

MISLEADING DAYS is a project by Alessandro lenaro, born from the desire to put "in black and white" ideas that later became stories shaped by experience. Hate and love, silence and noise, pleasure and pain mingle in days and moments, but only by recognizing them and putting them in the right place, they can coexist and give structure to the experience. For “Kintsugi”, Alessandro’s longtime friends and experienced musicians Luca Imerito (bass) and Ruben Di Viggiano (drums) were involved.

“Kintsugi” was recorded by Mattia Garimanno and Samuele Forte at Ænima Recordings. Mixed and mastering by Mattia Garimanno at Ænima Recordings.

This is the official tracklist of “Kintsugi”:

1. My New World

2. 37

3. If I Could

4. Colourful Memories

5. Hedgehog Spine

6. In Our End

7. Silver Head Mantis


Alessandro Ienaro - Guitars

Luca Imerito - Bass

Ruben Di Viggiano - Drums




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