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Italy’s Hardcore Metal Force KEEP THE PROMISE Unleashes Latest EP “Mass Extinction” Against Global Capitalism; Watch the Video for “Closer Deadline”!

The Italian hardcore metal band KEEP THE PROMISE has released the latest EP “Mass Extinction on June 16th, 2023. An official video is available for the song “Closer Deadline” and you can watch it here:

The band stated about “Mass Extinction:

Our newest EP is a denunciation against the global capitalist power represented by multinational companies, the major banking and financial groups, and the corrupt governments that are allowed to exercise their power to exploit human and environmental resources. There is also strong criticism towards those ignorant people who do not understand the gravity of the situation, believing the lies of the corrupt media driven by globalist power. The sound obviously expresses the hatred that Keep The Promise always felt towards criminal and corrupt power, hoping that the message will be received by all generations.

KEEP THE PROMISE is not a band for the faint hearted. While others may like to follow the latest trend or sing about love and happiness, they like to keep it real, in your face, and brutally raw! The band shared the stage with the likes of Walls of Jericho, Brujeria, Raw Power, Despite Exile, and many more.

Stream/download “Mass Extinction” on

“Mass Extinction” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Audiocore Studio. Band photo by Matteo Gelatti. Artwork and band logo by LC Artworks.


M.V. - Vocals

Huber Artioli - Guitar

Matteo Usberti - Guitar

Costantino “Steve” Negrelli - Bass

Enrico Torricelli - Drums



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