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Italian Alt/Gothic Metal Project KAHRMALIA Releases Cover of A-ha's “Here I Stand And Face The Rain"

The Parma-based alternative gothic metaller KAHRMALIA is proud to announce that his debut single is today released! It is a reinterpretation of A-ha’s “Here I Stand And Face The Rain”, included in the album “Hunting High And Low” (1985).

The song is available on the main digital platforms and as an elegant lyric video on the project’s YouTube channel as well!

The project mastermind Gabriel Cavazzini explained how it was working on it:

Choosing this song as a cover was natural, it's simply one of my top 3 electro-pop songs from the 80s! It is incredible to find it on the B-side of A-Ha’s “Hunting High and Low”. Its melancholic but hopeful vein has always made me dream. Compared to the original in this version we find more alternation of melancholic moments and so-called "in your face" moments. I rearranged some keys to give strength to a song that was already perfect like this, but which inevitably needed to be brought back to the present days. It really deserves it!

KAHRMALIA was born in 2020 from an idea of Gabriel Cavazzini, ex guitarist of the blackened death metal band Dominance. During the pandemic period, he felt some extreme sonorities further away. The long period of inactivity helped him to bring back a more melancholy, reflective yet intense vein, now far from the blackcore outbursts of the now ex band.

Hence the need to give birth to a new project, no longer made of a classic 5-piece line-up; Gabriel decided to be fully devoted to KAHRMALIA, alone, dedicating himself to the songwriting, arrangements, up to giving voice to the songs. We can therefore define it as a one man band.

Gabriel aims to bring to the light new feelings hidden for too much time; KAHRMALIA is a project without musical barriers, ranging from alternative metal/rock, moving on to sometimes more "incisive" moments, to arrive at nostalgic, ethereal, almost doom-like atmospheres.

In the very last days the production of the debut album has been completed at Audiocore Studio, where “Here I Stand And Face The Rain” was also produced. No details have been revealed about the record, but a preliminary listening of the material made us think that it will be a true masterpiece of the genre – fans of bands such as Anathema, Katatonia, Lacuna Coil, Him, and Dimmu Borgir will love it!

Stream and download “Here I Stand And Face The Rain” on:


Gabriel Cavazzini - Composer, All Instruments, Vocals, Lyrics

Gabriel proudly endorses MLD Madrigali Guitars.




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