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Industrial Metaller BINARY ORDER Foreshadows Humanity’s Dystopian Future with Single "Slow Blade"!

Uk-based industrial metal project BINARY ORDER returns with “Slow Blade”, the first single from its upcoming album “The Future Belongs To The Mad”. The album is set to be released independently on November 28th.

“Slow Blade” starts with an extremely hard-hitting guitar riff accompanied by atmospheric 80s-style synth lines playing in the background. The song proves itself to be an ambitious mix of modern extreme metal and electronic music, especially with the dubstep breakdown, which will catch anyone off-guard. Lyrically, “Slow Blade” critiques everyday life and emphasizes that mankind will have to face the consequences of creating its destructive lifestyle. The song sets up a bleak dystopian future for humanity where we all must look to ourselves for blame. The chorus of “Slow Blade” sums up the song very well: “So this is just the price we pay for building our world in decay

And now we can only wait as our foundations just give way.” Watch the visualizer of “Slow Blade”:

Pre-order “The Future Belongs To The Mad” on Bandcamp:

Alternatively, “Slow Blade” can be also streamed/downloaded on digital platforms

Work on “The Future Belongs To The Mad” took place over the course of nine months, from December 2022 until August 2023, and was written, produced and performed by Benjamin Blank. Containing twelve tracks of industrial metal, IDW and electronic cyberpunk inspired soundscapes, the album is a sprawling, epic, multi genre soundtrack to our own oblivion. “The Future Belongs To The Mad” tracklist: 1. Consternation 2. Cells Within Cells 3. Perfect World 4. Hope Is a Mistake 5. Feel Again 6. Skin 7. Left Behind 8. Face Beneath The Waves 9. Displaced 10. Slow Blade 11. The Future Belongs to The Mad 12. Atone

BINARY ORDER started in 2008 by London based solo musician Benjamin Blank as a way to combine his passion for multiple genres. Fusing the intensity of alt metal, the haunting atmosphere of ambient soundscapes and the piercing electronics of IDM, BINARY ORDER is the soundtrack to our descent down into a hell of our own making. As we become ever more disconnected from ourselves and each other with each day, we succumb to the unrelenting fear that mankind is too far along to stop these horrors that we have set in motion. This is the sound of BINARY ORDER.

The music was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Benjamin Blank in his home studio. The artwork was designed by Benjamin Blank.


Benjamin Blank - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums Programming, Synths




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