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Indian Post-Rock Band IOISH Drops New Single & Video for “Aimo”; Watch the Video Below!

The New Delhi-based post-rockers IOISH are proud to share a new single, entitled “Aimo”, only available on Bandcamp! The song is about frustration and trying to escape from the negative feelings/emotions we sometimes find ourselves in, the times where we fight with ourselves, trying every desperate measure to get out of the state we find ourselves in instead of just understanding how we feel and dealing with it rationally.

Watch the video of “Aimo” on YouTube:

Stream and download “Aimo” on Bandcamp:

The track’s name was inspired by Aimo Allan Koivunen, a Finnish soldier who served during World War II. He took a very high dose of Pervitin unknowingly and ended up almost losing his mind, he drifted about 250 miles from where his squad was, all by himself whilst running away from the Soviet army. He ended up losing his limbs but he did survive, among many other insane things he experienced, like the time he skii-d through a Russian base at full speed while getting shot at all whilst being under the effect of Pervitin. He did survive the whole ordeal though, living till he was in his 70s. In a way the song is also about the same. “Even if we do absurd things to escape the inevitable in desperation, things will always pan out the way they are supposed to even if we try our hardest to change the outcome of the end in hindsight, as we don't like the thought of it not going our way.

One of the first all-instrumental bands in India, IOISH’s sound is a mix of soulful guitars layered with atmospheric textures that are soaked in melodious grooves and riffs, evoking a progressive rock feel. The combined elements make for an immersive and moody trip for the audience, one that they can immediately engage with. Over the years, the band has played alongside bands like Tides From Nebula, I Am Waiting For You Last Summer, The Ocean Collective, Intervals and As I Lay Dying during their Indian tours.

Track performed by Ioish. Mixed by Toshi Kasai and mastered by JJ at Golden Studios.

For fans of Devin Townsend, Oceansize, 65daysofstatic, and Vessels!


Vaibhav Bhutani - Guitar

Pete Griffin - Bass

Shantanu Sudarshan - Drums

IOISH Online:



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