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HERETIC Shares “Feast”Album Details; Videos for “Tenderness” and “Reza” Available

The Oriental Experimental Metal band HERETIC is glad to announce the signature with The Metallist PR for the worldwide promotion of his new album Feast, set to be released on August, 31st. The album will be available in digipak, streaming and digital download formats via Soman Records and Treehouse Records.

HERETIC is a band that reflects today's multicultural dimension of metal music. The line-up is composed of the Brazilians Guilherme Aguiar (guitarist), Erich Martins (vocals) and Laysson Mesquita (fretless bass), enriched by the presence of musicians from France and Belgium. The great attention to melodies, together with the inclusion of African percussions and doom/stoner elements, make Feast the album of maturity for this project born in 2010. The current world context, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, affected the overall atmosphere of the album, often characterized by an aura of sadness.

With Feast we don’t have a niche album but, on the contrary, a demonstration of how much richness the metal genre has to offer today.

Two videos are available for those who want to hear more from these guys!


The band declared: "It's a sad song. We wrote it just in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. Everything was closed, we were locked at our houses, people dying everywhere and we had no perspective of the future. We had a very special guest on guitar, Thiago Tsuruda, who brought a great feeling on the solo and made this track more special for us."

"Reza was recorded in really low tuning with African percussion. We wanted it to be slow, heavy, muddy and simple. The name means "Pray" in Portuguese, but it comes from an African roots and has this black magic feeling, a dark and devilish perspective."

An album teaser is also available at the following link:

Feast has been recorded in Lisbon (Portugal) and Goiânia (Brazil) in 2021. Mixed and mastered by Guilherme Aguiar. Artwork by Romulo Dias.

Pre-order your copy of Feast on Soman Records Bandcamp profile:

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Sudden Awakening (6:36)

2. The Storm (6:05)

3. Hiding Moon (4:43)

4. Staring At Blazes (5:29)

5. Tenderness (6:42)

6. Sacred Sea (4:42)

7. Whistleblower(5:02)

8. Powerless (4:22)

9. Reza (6:15)

10. Anno Mundi (6:50)


Erich Martins – Vocals

Laysson Mesquita – Fretless Bass

Guilherme Aguiar – Guitars, synths, orchestration, programming, oriental instruments, percussion instruments

Keyboards on "Sudden Awakening": Pete Mush

Solo guitar on "The Storm": Nym Rhosilir

Solo guitar on "Tenderness": Thiago Tsuruda

Solo guitar on "Sacred Sea", "Powerless" and "Whistleblower": Luis Maldonalle

Drums on "Anno Mundi" by Black Sabbath (bonus track): Junão Cananeia

Keyboards on "Anno Mundi" by Black Sabbath (bonus track): Rodolfo Sproesser




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