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Greek Doom Metallers StartTheMonkey Reveal Details About New LP “Urban Psyche”, Listen to “Cave"!

Greek doom metal band StartTheMonkey is preparing to unleash ‘urban negativity’ upon the masses in the form of “Urban Psyche”, the band’s long-awaited LP to be released on May 5 via Electric Talon Records.

With “Urban Psyche”, StartTheMonkey highlights that there’s a unique type of darkness and depression associated with living in a metropolitan area. The band emphasizes that there’s more to the depressive side of living in urban areas than just common depression. There are specific emotions in those conditions which are distractive to one’s inner peace, those emotions tend to rule over one’s life. That state of depression puts one in a bubble of sorts that they’re afraid to escape from. There’s apparent anger directed towards emotions of depression and the cause of them. StartTheMonkey masterfully uses dissonance to its advantage to capture that very same angry side of depression on “Cave”. Watch the video of “Cave”:

The band had this to say about the song; ‘Not only does the depression make us closer with our inner selves, it also creates demons inside our minds that we desperately try to battle and most of the time we lose those battles, as such one closes themselves off even more, but this does not mean that we cannot escape.’ Listeners can find out StartTheMonkey’s solution on how to escape when “Urban Psyche” comes out.

Pre-order “Urban Psyche” on Bandcamp:

StartTheMonkey, a doom metal band from Athens, Greece was formed in May 2017. After a lot of line-up changes the band is now composed of guitarist Dionusis Kiamos, drummer George Papaioannou, bassist Manos Analabidakis and vocalist/flutist Iasonas Gousas. The band released an EP titled ‘The Start Of The Monkey’ composed of two songs on April 15, 2020.

Because of the global pandemic and especially with the situation in Greece StartTheMonkey was unable to perform live shows so it used that time to compose and record its first full length album “Urban Psyche”. The album consists of seven songs and the theme is about negative emotions one feels in an urban environment, taken from personal and other people’s experiences.

“Urban Psyche” tracklist:

1. Why

2. Cave

3. Follow Through

4. Deadly Crime


6. Strength of Suicide

7. By the Creek

“Cave” was written and arranged by StartTheMonkey. It was recorded by Dionisis Kiamos at A11 Studios. It was mixed and mastered by Kostas Gerochristos at The Audiocult Studios. It was produced by StartTheMonkey. The artwork was designed by Haris Tsikleas.

StartTheMonkey is:

Iasonas Gousas - Vocals, Flute

Dionisis Kiamos - Guitars

Manos Analabidakis - Bass

Giorgos Papaioannou - Drums

StartTheMonkey Online:



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