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German Lo-Fi Astro-Metaller GALVORNHATHOL Reveals Details of Upcoming EP “H-Alpha”, Stream “Virga” on Bandcamp

The German Lo-Fi Astro-Metal project GALVORNHATHOL is teasing fans with “Virga”, the first single from its upcoming EP “H-Alpha”. The record will be released independently on February 21st.

“Virga” perfectly captures GALVORNHATHOL’s philosophy of looking at life from a realistic point of view. The realism doesn’t just end with the lyrics but also extends to the audio quality as well since GALVORNHATHOL was successful in creating a raw experience for the listener.

Stream “Virga” and pre-order the new EP:

“H-Alpha” is rich in catchy melodies while also capturing GALVORNHATHOL  unique lo-fi atmosphere managing to become the unholy offspring of melodic death metal and raw black metal.

The project mastermind C. has this to say about “H-Alpha”:

“The spiritual successor to its older brothers “I” and “II”, H-Alpha is not the third part in a planned trilogy, but a foreshadowing to what is to come. The first musical journey that takes to a higher ground, after “II” elevated the soul above the trees and the pastures that the debut “I” sang praise of. This time we journey to the stars, the nebulae and the spectrums of light that our eyes, as with so much around us, cannot see.”

Founded in the earlier part of the 2000s and releasing the first public output around 2019, GALVORNHATHOL (a nature related mélange of words constructed from Tolkien’s “Sindarin” language) aims to take its listener on a journey through the self, our planet and far beyond. Developing a more focused sound from record to record, while still maintaining a handmade, rough approach to production. Wandering through hazy, atmospheric walls of delay and growling guitars. Carried by ethereal pads and a voice more fragile, harsh and human than we allow ourselves to be at times.

With the most recent EP, “H-Alpha”, the project delivers an appetizer to the third part in the trilogy of albums that started with “I” and “II”. Until then; “Ad Astra”!

“H-Alpha” was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by C. The artwork was also made by C.

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