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GALVORNHATHOL: The New Album “II” on all Stores!

The German blackgaze/shoegaze/ambient/atmospheric BM project GALVORNHATHOL has released a new album! The new effort is called II and it is available in streaming and digital download formats on all online stores since January, 22nd!

GALVORNHATHOL is a melodic metal project, combining elements of shoegaze, ambient, and slight musical hints of melodic death and black metal. While musically and lyrically lay on the simple side, the songs are based on poems and aphorisms about the intertwining connections of spiritualism (without religious interpretations) and nature. The name is derived from Tolkien's Sindarin script and can probably mean “(dark/black) Metal axe”.

More focused on personal growth than its mainly nature-focused predecessor, II is a rather rough, but optimistic ode to life and your inherent potential to (co-)exist with the everlasting source. Gaia, gods..whatever one may call it. II is the continuation of a three-part journey from below the earth to anything above the Exosphere and will hopefully inspire the listeners' way across the universe.

II has been recorded, mixed, and mastered by C., who also took care about all music, instruments, and the artwork.


1. Eudaimonia (04:27)

2. Der Wind (04:11)

3. Falling Water (05:47)

4. Before The Fall (05:06)

5. Feuerhalle (03:57)

6. Was Fehlt (05:32)

7. Ynntal (04:00)

8. Sword Of The Sun (04:02)

9. Die Zeit (03:31)

10. Gipfelmeditation (06:44)

II is available on the following stores:




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