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FUNERAL PILE: Releases Single & Video for “Hope Is A Lie”

The Teutonic Metal Band FUNERAL PILE is proud to share with old and new fans the single “Hope Is A Lie”. The song follows the debut full-length “Evoked In Flames” released in 2021 and it is available on the main digital platforms. Watch the video for “Hope Is A Lie” on the band’s YouTube channel:

With its new song “Hope Is A Lie”, the band continues the path taken with “Evoked In Flames” and combines elements of melodic death, epic doom and post-black metal in an inspiring way. With this 8:20 minute epic, whose lyrics were inspired by Cormac McCarthy´s magnificent novel “The Road”, FUNERAL PILE leads you on a dark pathway through a post-apocalyptic world.

FUNERAL PILE combines epic doom metal, grim black metal, neck-breaking old-school death metal, and melancholic melodies in a way you haven't heard before. Cutting riffs, grooving basslines, rough drum attacks, melodic lead guitars and furious vocals form a coherent combination. Like the deceptive calm before the storm, they invite you to let your mind wander to the melodies, only to release the next rousing guitar thunderstorm again.

The band was originally formed in 2008 as a band of five friends who wanted to hang out and play the kind of music they liked best. Shortly after the first demo, the band was put on hold because some band members left their hometown for their studies. More than a decade later they decided to revive FUNERAL PILE because metal was still their common passion. As soon as they jammed together, they realized that everyone had evolved, and yet that familiar atmosphere was there again immediately. On their debut album “Evoked In Flames” they brought everyone's personal ideas and preferences together in a unique way. Now they continue this path and refine their sound even more to heat you up with their Blackened Doom Metal.

“Hope Is A Lie was recorded and produced by Martin Schirmann. Mixed and mastered by Konst Fischer Mixing & Mastering. Video recorded and directed by THZ pictures at the 2023 Pure Fucking Metal Festevil.

“Hope Is A Lie is available on:


Matthias Riedl - Vocals

Ralf Gröger - Guitars

Annike Schirmann - Guitars

Martin Schirmann - Bass

Alina Kuzmenko - Drums




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