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Florida’s Heavy Metal Band OUT OF DARKNESS (founded by former ICED EARTH drummer, Brent E. Smedley) Unveils Details of Upcoming Self-Titled Album; Watch the Video of “Via Dolorosa”!

The Heavy Metal act OUT OF DARKNESS is excited to share with fans the first details about its upcoming album! The new effort will be self-titled and its release date is set for February 23rd.

“Out of Darkness” will feature 11 tracks for over 48 minutes of playing time. The album demonstrates the evolution of the band, showcasing a wide variety of styles and dynamics within the metal realm. While playing homage to bands like Iced Earth, Nevermore and Symphony X, the band also forged its own sound. The lyrical content can at times be personal and dark, though the overall message of the band is intended to be positive and uplifting. The intended audience would range from lovers of classic American Progressive / Power Metal to fans of modern Metal. The band has put their influences and growth thoroughly on display in their second release.

Watch the video of “Via Dolorosa” here:

Pre-order the album “Out of Darkness” on the band’s website:

OUT OF DARKNESS was formed in 2020 by Brent E. Smedley (former Iced Earth drummer and percussionist) and Eric Barrios, vocals and guitar. They released the debut EP "Seize the Day" that same year to much critical acclaim and began to grow their following. Playing live shows first in their home state of Florida, then followed up by doing 3 tours up the East Coast as far as New Jersey and even reaching as far West as Las Vegas. The song "Think Again" reached #23 on The Billboard Rock Indicator chart, #8 on the Foundations Rock Chart Top 10 Greatest Gainers and received substantial airplay on many FM radio stations throughout the United States. The band received over 100,000 views for the "I Surrender" video and has over 16,000 followers on Facebook. This Epic Metal masterpiece seeks to redefine their sound and broaden the spectrum of True Heavy Metal. This album features powerfully crafted songs with crushing riffs, catchy vocal melodies, thought provoking lyrics, and powerful rhythms that take the listener on an audio journey through dynamic and colorful musical soundscapes. It is Out of Darkness's intention to become a legendary Metal band like no other.

“Out of Darkness” was produced by Stan Martell and Bill Staley. Mixed and mastered by Stan Martell at Martell AVP. Artwork and band photos by Bill Staley. Band logo by David Parrish.


Brent Smedley - Drums

Eric Barrios - Vocals, Guitar

Bill Staley - Guitar

Dan Callahan - Bass



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