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Finnish Progressive Rock Act NARYAN Releases New Single ''A Place Where Even Angels Lose Faith''!

The Finnish progressive rockers NARYAN have released their new single, entitled “A Place Where Even Angels Lose Faith”. The song, breaking a silence lasted one year and a half, introduces the new members Jarno Forsman and Henriina Marin on bass and violin respectively. It also recovers the progressive vein that the band had left out in favor of melancholy in the 2021 single "History".

Watch the lyric video!

With “A Place Where Even Angels Lose Faith” we have a rich sound, in which guitars, keyboard and violin dialogue with each other in a wonderful and refined interweaving. Above all, we find the majestic performance of Tommi Niemi on the microphone, able to paint emotions with high notes and a great command of his voice. The song, flirting with the proggy side of the band, still maintains the cornerstones of NARYAN's sound - beauty, bleakness and melancholy – and brings forth the very best of Melancholic Rock from Deep Within.

“A Place Where Even Angels Lose Faith” was composed by Tommi Tanhuanpää, who also took care of the lyrics. Production by Lauri Kovero and Naryan. Recording and mixing by Mikko Marjamäki (Digitall Berryhill). Mastering by Glenn Thomas (iTunes Audio). Band photos by Jari Timonen. Artwork by Lauri Kovero.

Stream/download the song on:


Tommi Niemi - Vocals

Lauri Kovero - Guitar

Raino Ketola - Guitar

Tommi Tanhuanpää - Drums

Jarno Forsman - Bass

Linda Kuoppala - Keyboards

Henriina Marin - Violin

NARYAN Online:



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