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Finnish Hardcore Metallers HEATHEN HEARTS Unleash Northern Hardcore with Video “Starve the Machine"!

Kotka-based hardcore metal gang HEATHEN HEARTS comes back with its ‘Northern Hardcore’ in the form of the newest single “Starve the Machine”. Taken from the band’s upcoming EP “No Light Left To Chase”, the new track stands out as the only mid-tempo fist in the face song of the EP. It differs from the overall fast and more traditional hardcore sound which helps the Finnish metal and the melodic side of the band to shine through. The band had this to say about “Starve the Machine”: ‘The song was the first one we wrote and completed after our first EP was written. The music video is a straight sequel to the “World of Ash” from our first EP and also starred the same young actress who was already on the previous video. We will not reveal the actual idea of either of the videos, but if you watch them and pay attention, it might be quite obvious. “Starve the Machine” was again directed, filmed and edited by our trusted man Jari Heino, and the cinematic look and the colors of the video matches to the overall sound of the song perfectly.’ Watch “Starve the Machine” here:

HEATHEN HEARTS’ upcoming EP “No Light Left To Chase”, which will be released independently on May 17, presents fans to a raw, aggressive and authentic piece of music poured straight from the heart. The band continues: ’After the first EP, there was a desire to develop and expand the band’s existing musical borders set at the first release without losing the aggressive sound and frustration towards the world we live in. The root sound of the EP is based on hardcore and the overall screw has been tightened from the first release, but still there are a bit more melodies and a bit wider musical borders compared to the first release. Even though the EP has been named “No Light Left To Chase”, there is still hope and light left to chase as it can be heard, perhaps not lyrics wise, but music wise.’ Pre-order “No Light Left To Chase” here: HEATHEN HEARTS is a Finnish hardcore/metal band founded in the summer of 2021. The band consists of experienced musicians with widely different backgrounds who found common ground in what they call ’Northern Hardcore’. The music is a mix of metal and hardcore with melodic guitars. The lyrics describe the world we live in from a darker perspective. And the atmosphere could be described best as an outburst of fury, aggression and frustration. Music follows no strict genre limitations and the focus of the band has been on making quality songs with efficient arrangements. The band’s self-titled debut EP was released in May 2022 accompanied by two music videos ”Ichor” and ”World of Ash”. Both music videos have been published on one of the genre’s most followed YouTube channels - Hardcore Worldwide among other channels.

“No Light Left To Chase” was produced by HEATHEN HEARTS. The EP was recorded by Lauri Sillanpää, except for the drums recorded by Juha-Pekka Pusa. Mixing by Joonas Vuojolahti at Cold Truth Music Studio, and mastering by Juho Räihä at Soundspiral Audio. The artwork was designed by Lauri Sillanpää. Press shots were taken by Toni Ristilä. The gang vocals on the EP were recorded by Toni Örn, Matti Anttila, Tero Virva, Jere Orre, and Juhana Haavisto. The music video of “Starve the Machine” was directed, filmed, and edited by Jari Heino of Coldstore Productions and was written by Jari Heino, and Jere Orre.


Antti Nissilä - Vocals

Jere Orre - Guitars, Backing Vocals

Lauri Sillanpää - Guitars, Backing Vocals

Juhana Haavisto - Bass, Backing Vocals

Ville Nissinen - Drums




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