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Enochian Black Metal Band TIGGUO COBAUC Takes a Journey Between Inner Torment and Renewal with Single & Video of “Eternal Quietus“!

Nottingham-based band TIGGUO COBAUC will release the new album “A Fountain Of Anguish Is Gone“ on April 26th via Trepanation Recordings (UK), Fetzner Death Records (EU), and H-Soundmusic Records (Digital). A new foretaste of the band’s Enochian Black Metal is now available with the single “Eternal Quietus”, available on the main digital streaming platforms as well as video on the band’s YouTube channel.

Watch the video of “Eternal Quietus“ here!

UK fans can pre-order “A Fountain Of Anguish Is Gone“ by Trepanation Recordings:

EU clients can pre-order by Fetzner Death Records:

Stream/download the song on

Bassist and vocalist Reno Ramos stated about “Eternal Quietus”:

The lyrics describe a turbulent emotional journey marked by themes of internal struggle, despair, and a relentless search for renewal. The vivid imagery of drowning in blood and being buried in the dark conveys a sense of intense emotional pain. The repeated references to death and rebirth suggest a cyclical pattern of turmoil and renewal. The later verses introduce societal elements, depicting chaos and betrayal, expanding the narrative beyond personal struggles to include broader societal issues. The questioning of perception and distance from faith and peace reflects a yearning for connection and tranquility amid the challenges described.

TIGGUO COBAUC takes the name from its home town of Nottingham (England), being its original name in Anglo Saxon times. Forged by ancient magic in the sandstone depths of the city, the band’s sound can best be described as huge, blending black metal atmospheres, the sheer heaviness of doom, and the raw power of punk.

A Fountain Of Anguish Is Gone“ was produced by Tigguo Cobauc. Drums recorded at Noiseboy Studios. All other instruments recorded at Three Squires Recordings. Vocals recorded at Greensight Productions. Mixed and mastered by Esben Willems at Berserk Studio. Photos by Amanda Mouraf at Parque Da Independencia.


Reno Ramos - Bass, Vocals

Luca Martello - Guitar

Wayne Turton - Keyboards

Lloyd David - Drums



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