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DSBM Act SORRY… Releases The Single “Broken Promises” Off New Album “Self Inflicted Razor Cutting"

Greek depressive suicidal black metal act SORRY… has shared a new dose of existential despair thanks to the newly released single “Broken Promises”, included in the band’s upcoming album “Self Inflicted Razor Cutting” to be released via Tragedy Productions on October 20th.

You can watch the video of “Broken Promises” on the label’s YouTube channel:

If you buy from Americas, the new album “Self Inflicted Razor Cutting” is available as vinyl, digipak and special bundles on Bandcamp:

For European customers, please visit the shop:

With its raw black metal production, melancholic guitar lines, howls of despair and shrieks of agony, “Self Inflicted Razor Cutting” has all the hallmarks to become a classic DSBM album. The album doesn’t contain lyrics in a traditional sense, since all the vocal lines were improvised in the studio by the formidable vocalist Void. The lack of lyrics works in the band’s favor since some of the most fundamental human emotions can’t be expressed through words. “Self Inflicted Razor Cutting” is not recommended for the faint of heart since the album reminds listeners of painful memories of the past and the pain waiting for them in the future.

SORRY... is a depressive suicidal black metal band (DSBM), formed by Dimitris and Deplorable back in 2019. Void joined the band a few days later and still today we are trying to share our sadness, hopelessness, misery and all these unhappy feelings through our music. Dimitris states about the band: "We are a protest against all forms of life voiced through works of pain and isolation". SORRY... lineup:

Dimitris: Guitars, composition

Void: Vocals, lyrics

Troll: Drums, composition on track 9


Victoria C.: Bass

Enki keys on track 8

Depressor composition on track 4 The music was mixed and mastered by Dimitris. The drums were mixed/mastered by Daniel Collabolletta (Troll) at Down Below Studios in Cincinnati Ohio. The artwork was designed by Saad.

SORRY… Online:



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