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DOSGAMOS Releases Official Audio for “Wrapped Renaissance” & “Beware of Me”; New Merch Available!

Italy-based Groove Metal band DOSGAMOS is glad to share not one, but two new videos! They are dedicated to the title-track and the song “Beware of Me”, taken from the album “Wrapped Renaissance” released on December 2.

“Wrapped Renaissance” (Official Audio)

“Beware of Me” (Official Audio)

The latest album “Wrapped Renaissance” takes its cue from two pillars of groove metal genre, Machine Head’s first two albums “Burn My Eyes” and “The More Things Change”, but this influence just remained a starting point, from which DOSGAMOS developed its own sound, more directed to unexpected changes of tempo and rhythms in order to keep the tension high. Merging these elements with psychotic vocals reminiscent of Korn and Slipknot, DOSGAMOS delivers a suffocating atmosphere to criticize the uncontrolled exploitation of the environment and the oppression of our existences.

DOSGAMOS is very proud to announce that the official band merch is now available on the website! You will find the wonderful “City in Flames” t-shirt, created by the artist Pavel Kurbanov who worked with the mighty JINJER, plus other cool t-shirts, CDs, and gadgets!




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