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Death/Thrash Metal Horde MEFISTO Releases New Single “Blades Of Lucifer”!

The death/thrash metal powerhouse MEFISTO has released a new single! The track is called “Blades Of Lucifer” and it anticipates the new album “Phosphorus”, set to be released as digipak CD, cassette, streaming, and digital download on July 13 via GMR Music Group.

Stream/download the track:

Originally formed in 1984 in Stockholm, MEFISTO were forerunners of the early Swedish death metal scene. Following hot on the heels of Bathory, the band influenced a whole generation of Scandinavian extreme metal bands. After releasing the two demo tapes “Megalomania” and “The Puzzle” in 1986, Mefisto disbanded in 1987.

After being shrouded in mystery for over 12 years, in 1999 the two demo tapes were released again as a CD compilation titled “The Truth”. In 2015 the same demos were again released, for the first time on vinyl (this time entitled “The Megalomania Puzzle”).

In 2017, 30 years after its first demise, MEFISTO released an album that placed them at the heart of the scene that they helped to create. This time with original drummer Robban Granath, now also handling the vocals, and added to the band were guitarist Mogge (who also played bass on the recording). LG Petrov also made some guest vocals on one of the songs. In 2019 the band once again entered the studio to lay down what would become the album titled “Octagram”. This time the band brought in Chaq Mol (of the mighty DARK FUNERAL), to do some guitar shredding on two songs. The album evolved into a concept album based on a dystopian lyrical base. An album more dark, heavy and brutal than it´s precursor. Once again the band were spreading their distorted tunes all over the world.

In 2020 during the plague things started to happen with the band. First in to join forces with the band was again Chaq Mol, then the mighty A. Impaler (FIRESPAWN, NAGLFAR). Shortly afterwards drummer Chris Barkensjö (LIK, WITCHERY) and keyboardist Carl Westholm (CANDLEMASS, AVATARIUM).

With the new album “Phosphorus” the band has recovered its thrash metal roots and added an atmospheric sound with organ, theremin, choirs, dark guitar harmonies, energetic drumbeats, and shredding heavy metal guitar solos - all whilst retaining their original death metal sound.

The album is recorded, produced, and mastered by Mike Wead (King Diamond/Mercyful Fate guitarist), and Simon Johansson (Wolf guitarist). Heavier, darker, more sinister, more melodic, more varied than earlier albums. MEFISTO presents to you an album filled with atmospheric blackened metal.

Special bundle including digipak CD/cassette, fan-card, and sew-on patch (100X70mm) available only at!


Robert Granath – Vocals

Morgan Myhrberg – Rhythm Guitar

Chaq Mol – Lead Guitar

A. Impaler – Bass

Chris Barkensjö – Drums

Carl Westholm – Keyboards, Theremin, Backing Vocal




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