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Death Metallers CROWNSHARD Release EP “Awareness”, Watch “There Is Nothing Left" Lyric Video!

Italian death metal band CROWNSHARD unleashes a miasma of raw death metal with its newest release in the form of “Awareness”. With “Awareness” the band pays tribute to the early roots of extreme metal while, concept-wise, the band dives into a labyrinth of self-exploration with the goal of finding awareness. CROWNSHARD handles this beautifully with the lyrics dealing with different experiences on the way of searching for awareness. The lyrics deal with suicide, revenge, failure, depression, and perdition, recurring realities of human existence where awareness could be rediscovered.

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CROWNSHARD also released the lyric video for the opener “There Is Nothing Left” which sets the mood for the whole EP. The lyrics literally describe a cold and gloomy atmosphere, where every breath feels laborious to take. The setting encourages existential thoughts to course through one’s mind. One can even find hidden meaning in the title of the first song being “There Is Nothing Left”, where the band’s deep understanding of nihilism shines through. CROWNSHARD deconstructs reality of ‘what is’ until nothing is left, and then the band explores the thoughts that are left. One can only see the full picture clearly when the cluster of irrelevant things disappear. Watch the lyric video of “There Is Nothing Left”:

CROWNSHARD was born at the end of 2016 from an idea of the guitarist and singer Cesare Fioriti, who immediately involved his brother Edoardo on bass and drummer Riccardo Bonini in the line-up. The trio worked on several new songs, five of which had been selected to be included on the first self-titled and self-produced EP, which was released on March 23, 2018. In the summer of the same year Manuel Rizzolo made himself available as an additional electric guitar for gigs. In autumn of 2018, following the resignation of bassist Edoardo, Saverio Rossi joined the band. The upcoming EP “Awareness” was recorded back in 2022. “Awareness” tracklist: 1. There Is Nothing Left

2. Feeling Still Cursed

3. Mankind Has Failed

4. Eternal Timeless Fall

5. Healed By The Hell

“Awareness” was produced by Cesare Fioriti and Crownshard. The EP was mixed and mastered by Cesare Fioriti at CeceRock Studio. The artwork was designed by Cesare Fioriti. The graphic layout was created by Gloria Motta.


Cesare Fioriti – Vocals, Guitars

Manuel Rizzolo – Guitars

Saverio Rossi – Bass

Riccardo Bonini – Drums




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