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Canadian Progressive Blackened Heavy Metal Artist ALONE Releases New Single “VI (The Gate)”!

The Canadian progressive blackened heavy metaller ALONE recently released his new song “VI (The Gate)”. The song follows the single “V (The Village)” released on May and it is available as streaming and digital download on the following platforms:

After the release of their 2021 Album “I – IV” and the mentioned single “V (The Village)”, ALONE returns with his specific brand of melodic, high-energy black metal with progressive sensibilities. “VI (The Gate)” sees the band blend energetic riffing with haunting melodies while managing to hit a melancholic nerve with listeners.

Fans of bands such as Bathory, Darkthrone, Dissection, Inquisition, and Immortal will appreciate ALONE’s orthodox approach to black metal as the project sonically rediscovers the old-school roots of black metal. From a songwriting sense, however, the project uses an unorthodox process, ALONE notes: “I usually start with some sort of image that conveys some combination of isolation/struggle then fit some narrative to it. The words aren't meant to be clearly understood but to complement the image and music. As such, there is no overall message, ideally something more abstract whose only purpose is to function as a coherent whole which excites something in the listener.”

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alone in his home studio. The artwork, taking source from a photo of Carisbrooke Castle in England, is by Alone.


Alone - All instruments, Vocals, Lyrics, Arrangements

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