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BRZASK's New Video for ''In The Forest Of Karkonosze'' Set the Spirits of Polish Mountains Free

After releasing the well-acclaimed debut demo last year, the Polish Black Metal outfit BRZASK comes back with a new track entitled “In The Forest Of Karkonosze”. This is the first video ever from the band and you can watch it entirely on the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel:

“In The Forest Of Karkonosze” tells the story of Rübezahl mountain spirit of Karkonosze coming back into life. Rübezahl is taking care of his estate, which is the forest and every living and death being in there.

Hailing from the very heart of the Sudeten mountains, BRZASK brings to stage an aggressive mix between melody and mysticism. BRZASK was founded in 2019 as tribute to local Sudetian folklore and 90's black metal. Lyrical themes are inspired by old legends and that is the reason why the cult of "Rubezahl" is an inseparable element of the band.

The video is by Youness Didouh Productions, and produced by Brzask & Daniel Garliñski. The lyrics is Andrzej Jagielski, with a linguistic support from Parrilla’s Dani Messmer. Reamping Services by Sonic Assault Studios. Mixing & mastering by Marcin Rybicki at Left Hand Sounds Studios. With support of MDK Muflon and Styl Karkonoski.

“In The Forest Of Karkonosze” is available on:


J. - Vocals

F. - Guitar

Hoggorm - Guitar

Galik - Bass

Pepesza – Drums

BRZASK Online:

The Metallist PR:



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