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Blackened Death Metallers HURONIAN Reveal “Beyond Frozen Heights" EP Details

Italian Blackened Death Metal band HURONIAN is preparing to release its newest creative effort “Beyond Frozen Heights” on September 15 via Gruesome Records.

With “Beyond Frozen Heights”, HURONIAN pays tribute to the golden age of melodic death metal with introducing black metal elements as a twist. The resulting experience is the essence of black metal represented by classic Swedish death metal riffs and guitar sound. The line between black and death metal is at times blurred, surprising listeners with every twist and turn. Listeners can pre-order the EP on Bandcamp:

In the meantime, HURONIAN invites fans for a sip of their signature concoction by listening to “Over Frozen Heights Pt. 1”. The song perfectly embodies HURONIAN’s efforts to convey its unique approach to the blackened death metal genre. The band masterfully maneuvers the fast-paced melodic death metal song into a surprisingly groovy dissonant black metal interlude and takes it back to the main riffs of the song. The lyrics of “Over Frozen Heights Pt. 1” and “Over Frozen Heights Pt. 2” are freely inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" with the music aimed at capturing the overall atmosphere of the acclaimed piece of literature. The cover of the EP depicts the landscapes where the story is narrated. Watch the lyric video of “Over Frozen Heights Pt. 1”:

HURONIAN was born in early 2020 by the will of DL and UMP, with the intention of recreating the sound of the golden age of melodic death metal and death/black metal, filtering the influences in a completely personal way.

After a few months MM joined the band as drummer and the trio recorded "Demo 2020", a digital release containing two unreleased tracks and included a cover Dissection’s “Heaven’s Damnation”. Despite the global pandemic preventing the band from working in the rehearsal room, HURONIAN managed to complete the work on the debut album "As Cold as a Stranger Sunset" very quickly, thanks to the remote work and the great conceptual harmony between the members. It came out in October 2021 via Dolorem Records (CD) and Gruesome Records (tape).

In the meantime, the live line-up has been completed with two session musicians respectively on the bass and the second guitar. The summer of 2022 saw HURONIAN playing in Portugal and Spain supporting the release and in February 2023 the band teamed up with French legends Mercyless as supporting act and performed three shows on a mini-tour in Italy.

"Beyond Frozen Heights” was written by Umberto Poncina. The song arrangement was done by HURONIAN. The lyrics were written by Daniele Lupidi. The song was recorded by Umberto Poncina and Claudio Corvo Mulas. Drums and vocals were recorded at Art Distillery Studios. The song was mixed and mastered by Umberto Poncina. The photos were taken by Xaendar Movie by Andrea Bennici. The artwork was designed by Daniele Lupidi. The lyric video was created by Xaendar Movie by Andrea Bennici.

"Beyond Frozen Heights” tracklist:

1. The Guild (Intro)

2. Torturer's Creed

3. Over Frozen Heights Pt. 1

4. Over Frozen Heights Pt. 2

5. Blazing Bolt of Hatred


Daniele Lupidi - Vocals

Umberto Poncina - Rhythm Guitar

Tommaso Pellegrini - Lead Guitar

Gianluca Trotta - Bass

Marcello Malagoli - Drums




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