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Black Metal Horde GRAU Unleashes Single “Ohnmacht” Against Conformism; Watch the Lyric Video!

Saarbrücken-based black metal act GRAU is proud to release the new single “Ohnmacht”, taken from the album “Abseits Des Lichts”, set to be released on December 1st via Tragedy Productions. The album will be available as digipak with an 8-pages booklet, plus streaming and download on the main digital platforms.

With “Ohnmacht”, the German quintet delivers a vision where people have no redemption and, for every spoken word, they inexorably get closer to throw their souls into the flames. GRAU criticizes people's mental laziness, the empty and circumstantial words, and the lives wasted in the name of conformism. “Ohnmacht” is a lethal dose of hate, but also a stark warning about where we are heading as a society.

Watch the lyric video of “Ohnmacht” here:

Pre-order the album “Abseits Des Lichts” on Bandcamp:

The album title “Abseits des Lichts” can be roughly translated as "outside of the light". It describes the lyrical approach of the songs that deal with pain, emptiness and the animalistic aspect of the human mind. Musically, GRAU has taken a more modern and complex approach since its debut release and covers the complete range from sinister doom parts to mid-tempo grooves and shredding blast beats.

“Abseits des Lichts” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Felix Rößger at Gin'Fused Sounds over the course of several months in 2022 and 2023. All songs written and performed by GRAU. All lyrics by K.D. and M.K. The song “Fiebertraum” was composed by Christoph Rieff. Album cover designed by Alfi Feijoa. Original photo taken by House of Fortitude.

This is the definitive tracklist of “Abseits des Lichts”:

1. Erinnerung (5:24)

2. Niemy (4:44)

3. Ohnmacht (5:04)

4. Nichts (5:45)

5. Fiebertraum (8:49)

6. Wildnis (1:25)

7. Tilgung (7:42)

8. Fraß (9:49)

9. Outro (Bonus Track) (2:12)

GRAU is:

K.D. - Vocals

M.K. - Vocals & Guitar

M.B. - Guitar

R.T. - Bass

C.R. - Drums & additional Vocals

GRAU Online:



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