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Austrian Black Metal Doomers USURPATOR Unleash New LP “Atonement” Upon The World!

The one-man Viennese Doomed Black Metal project USURPATOR released its long-awaited new album “Atonement” on May 6, 2022, via Church of Eradication. Atonement is available on limited & hand-numbered blood-red vinyl and regular black vinyl on Bandcamp. Listen to the album here:

After the release of its first manifestation, the 2020 EP “Spear of Psychosis,“Atonement” sees USURPATOR rise again and continue its initial march against the gods and a personal hell, looking at this world in disgust. While “Spear of Psychosis” was forged from dissonant black metal & dragging death metal, “Atonement” frees itself from the chains of the beginning and reaches a new level of raw artistic expression. N.V notes: “I want to revolutionize the sound of black metal by fusing it with death and doom metal elements and turn it into a unique extreme metal expression. USURPATOR is contemporary Black metal. The lyrical themes focus on my impressions of today's world in a highly metaphorical way.

While exploring a wide variety of concepts such as hatred, death, nihilism, Lovecraftian horror, Greek antique/mythology, metaphors regarding social criticism about capitalism, and social constructs,in its songs, USURPATOR maintains one singular message: “Death unifies us all. Harlots, thieves, murders, whores, beggars, and kings are equally laid to rest."

Talking about the album cover, N.V notes:

The cover captures the moment of wrath and revenge upon human society. Unaware yet still calm, the characters are on the point of no return - their atonement, plague, and evil forces of nature symbolized by the white horse rider are coming upon them. As society crumbles, some people gather, wielding tridents, symbolizing hell is coming to earth.

Vocal recording, mixing, and mastering by Thomas Ranosz at Puresound Recordings Studio. Artwork by Irrwisch (Alexander Trinkl).

“Atonement” Tracklist:

1. Hybris (6:25)

2. Child of Phthisis (5:29)

3. Mammon (7:01)

4. Pavor Nocturnus (5:38)

5. Incestuous Decadence (3:02)

6. Atonement (8:24)

The album is available for streaming/download on:


N.V - Vocals, Guitars, Drums

Görk - Bass (session musician)




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