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Austria's Stoner Rock DIAMOND SKULL Reveals the Devil and its Misteries with the Track “The Deal"!

The stoner rock trio DIAMOND SKULL has announced that his latest single “The Deal” - released on February 11 via Electric Fire Records – is now available on 666Mr.Doom YouTube channel! Watch it HERE!

You can also stream/download the track on:

DIAMOND SKULL is a heavy stoner rock band, born 2015 in Vienna, Austria, crafting a sound that is equally straightforward, dark, and hypnotic. “The Deal” is a dark and hypnotic mid-tempo stomper about the deal with the devil and all its mysteries.

If you are a fan of Motörhead, Down, Monster Magnet, The Cult, The Doors, and Led Zeppelin – this is the track for you!

Be sure of following DIAMOND SKULL on :

Meet Electric Fire Records and its roster on:



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