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Australian Symphonic Metal Band ESPERANCE Tackles One-Sided Relationships in Debut Single “Panacea”!

Australian symphonic metal outfit ESPERANCE makes a solid debut with the energetic single “Panacea”. The song was written by the guitarist Nathaniel Lydeamore about someone he is very close to, a female, who puts the needs of everyone else before her own. She suffers in silence from time to time but won't show it because she doesn't want to ruin the happiness of others. While one-sided relationships are a modern day tragedy lot of listeners can relate to, the song encourages the person to seek help in the people who don’t take advantage of her. So it is fitting that the uplifting nature of the music itself motivates listeners to rise above the situation and seize their happiness.

“Panacea” is a textbook example of how symphonic metal can reach a wide audience. Melissa Jubb’s expert classical singing style, and impressive range along with Nathaniel Lydeamore’s arrangements and guitar playing are what make ESPERANCE stand out in today’s musical landscape. The result of ESPERANCE’s efforts will give casual listeners an earworm for weeks to come.

Watch the video of “Panacea” here:

ESPERANCE is an Australian symphonic/power metal band created by the highly regarded duo of guitarist Nathaniel Lydeamore and vocalist Melissa Jubb. Together they blend and deliver a melodic yet impactful sound that has been likened to and influenced by bands such as Nightwish, Epica, and Sonata Arctica.

“Panacea” waswritten and recorded by ESPERANCE at Against The Grain Studios. The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Mick Taylor. The video and artwork were created by Jan Yrland at Darkgrove Designs.

Stream/download “Panacea” on

ESPERANCE is: Nathaniel Lydeamore - Guitar Melissa Jubb - Vocals




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