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ANDERWELT Unleashed Visionary Lyric Video for “True”

Austrian dark ambient metal band ANDERWELT has released a new lyric video for the track “True” taken from the full-length 2084 released via Electric Fire Records last year.

Watch the video on the label’s YouTube channel!

The importance of a band is not only given by the music it creates, but also by how the message is delivered. This is the case of ANDERWELT that, after receiving incredible responses for 2084, continued its artistic path in the name of innovation.

The new video for “True” - created by Studio Gold ( - differs from the lyric videos in circulation and gives us a minimal reinterpretation of the dystopian world narrated in 2084.

The interesting fact is that, just a year after the release of the album (2084 was released on November 20, 2020), the message of the band not only remains valid, but tremendously current. What means “real”? What is “true” and what is not? Are we really “free” are we living in a “soft dictatorship”?

Watching this video, or listening to the whole album, you will ask yourself all these questions and only you will be able to decide if 2084 is not really 2021.

The album has been recorded by Jan Kaiser at Independent Audio Management. Mixing by Andreas Pilsl and mastering by Lukas Haidinger at Deep Deep Pressure Studio. The artwork is by Andreas Pilsl. All lyrics by Phil Wintersberger.

For fans of Fall Of Efrafa, Harakiri For The Sky, Gojira, Behemoth, Generation Of Vipers

2084 is available on:


1. #plenty (12:05)

2. #true (7:53)

3. #luv (6:52)

4. #pax (13:11)


Phil Wintersberger - Vocals

Simon Öller - Guitars

Dominik Königsdorfer - Bass

Andreas Pilsl - Cello

Thomas Kössler - Drums




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