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ALLEN KEY: “The Last Rhino” to be released on 24 September! Watch “Straw House” & "Goodbye" videos

The Brazilian Hard ‘n Heavy Outfit ALLEN KEY is proud to announce that his debut album will be called "The Last Rhino" and it will be released on September, 24th via Canil Records!

With a playing time of almost 40 minutes you can expect 8 energetic songs showing an unquestionable maturity and security, resulting from the synergy of these vibrant and promising musicians. The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by Wagner Meirinho at Loudfactory.

Watch a couple of videos from this band ready to conquer the world!

Straw House”

This is a song that carries all the primal and exuberant energy of ALLEN KEY and introduces us to the collective power of its cast, which gives us a beautiful and obstinate composition, allowing the protagonism of all musicians.

This song is a masterful one, of visceral subtlety, capable of destroying you in its devastating beauty and reconstructing you in its poetry. Its lines of voices and piano create a melancholy and tearing atmosphere, attenuated by Karina Menascé's nurturing and touching interpretation. A song of excruciating beauty, which plunges into the heart of each listener's soul.

"The Last Rhino" will be released in jewel case, streaming, and digital download formats. The artwork for the album was created by Banca. A first look at the front cover you can see enclosed.




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